Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer is finally here!

Well my grades have been posted and I'm officially finished with classes. I'm so grateful to be out and done. I have a TON of things I need to post including new wreaths and project ideas!
I guess to begin... I've been wanting to make a wreath for my mom's classroom annnnnd I found the cutest wreath idea at Hobby Lobby, this will be the perfect thing to hang above her desk. Lets see... I used a Styrofoam wreath, wrapped in bright school bus yellow fabric. I then continued to hot glue crayons around the side of the wreath. After, I just used simple glitter and Elmer's glue to create her name and added a red ribbon to top it all off. What do you think>?

That same day... I came across the paper mache letters and decided to make something for my grandma from all the grandkids. So this is what I came up with... She proudly displays it on her front entry table. :)

For this project all I did was print off pictures and Mod Podge them onto the letter. I then continued to paint the back, inside, and around to give a more finished look. After I sprayed it with a clear coat finish. Overall I think it turned out rather nice!
Please feel welcome to leave comments or helpful notes!
Thanks for reading!


  1. love the crayon wreath!

  2. Do you get letters anywhere I would love to do this for my mom